Performing artists conclude tour in Cayman

Two of New York City’s most critically-acclaimed performance artists, Brent Shuttleworth, famed songwriter and independent recording artist, and Carlos Andrés Gómez, agit poet and costar of the upcoming Spike Lee film ‘Inside Man,’ will be concluding their North American tour in Grand Cayman with two landmark shows Tuesday and Thursday along with Caymanian poet Leonard Dilbert.

Recently both nominees for Underrated Magazine’s 2005 ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’s Under 30’, the touring partners, who have known each other since childhood, reject much of the publicity they have been receiving lately in their native-New York as ‘commercial hype.’

These self-made artists pride themselves on what Gómez describes as ‘never bending to ‘the industry.” They have done over 50 college, university, and club shows since August, from Los Angeles to their home-base in New York, states a press release.

‘Cayman is the perfect end to a long season of touring…and it’s always nice to bring things full circle,’ Shuttleworth remarks, who did a series of performances in Cayman this past summer and was asked to return after an overwhelming response.

Caymanian poet Leonard Dilbert who recently published his first collection ‘Grown from this Ground’ is one of the leading voices in Cayman’s emerging poetry scene. Dilbert’s first collection, in the words of Robin Behn, poet and professor at the University of Alabama, is ‘an astonishing debut by a significant new lyric poet.’

The two-night concert series, entitled ‘Beyond Words: A Lyrical Journey,’ will take place at Peppers on the Beach on Tuesday, December 13th at 9pm, and at The Brasserie on Thursday, December 15th at 7pm.

Tuesday night’s event ‘Voice Against AIDS’ is being planned in conjunction with the Cayman AIDS Foundation in an effort to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Cayman as well as visibility of the recently launched ‘Faces’ Campaign. Tuesday’s event will also feature guest performances by Marvin Smith and Anna Ebanks.

The two-night series will conclude with a lyrical and culinary adventure at the Brasserie restaurant. Reservations must be made for this event and can be done by calling 945-1815.

With sponsorship from the Department of Tourism and independent donors, the people of Cayman will be treated to two nights of music and poetry that they will not soon forget.

A portion of the funds raised from these events will be donated to the United World College Cayman National Foundation’s scholarship program.

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