Get with the times

It still amazes me that some local businesses do not accept debit or credit cards for payment.

In today’s technology-advanced society, the need to carry cash (except when there’s a hurricane) is no longer essential.

The debit card was introduced as ‘the better way to pay’ so that customers could leave their cash and cheque books at home as funds are debited directly from their primary bank account. And credit cards, especially when they’re associated with bonus miles and points, have been used for years.

I had dental work done recently that cost up front more than $600. I took out my credit card but of course the receptionist beamed, ‘Oh, we don’t take cards. Cash or cheques only.’ I was furious that they had not warned me when my appointment was made months earlier and embarrassed as I did not have that kind of cash on hand or in my chequing account.

The same thing happened when I ordered a sandwich at lunch. Sure, the bill was only $6 but my debit card would have taken care of that. They only accepted cash, no cards or cheques. I was inconvenienced yet again as I had to leave the line and rush out to find an ATM and come back later to pay.

After Hurricane Ivan, point of sale machines were understandably down but retailers need to stop making that excuse and get into the 21st Century.

With competition everywhere and the old saying that the customer is always right, I hope they listen.

Name withheld by request

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