Jamaicans should take a stand

For too long, we the Jamaican people have been content to moan and complain about the political system and injustice in our homeland, but we seem to lack the substance to take a stand for what we believe in.

Now our cowardice is catching up with us, and threatens to destroy a close longstanding relationship that we have had with our relatives here in the Cayman Islands.

We need to rally behind the Caymanian people in their efforts to protect their families, property and indeed their very livelihood, from rising crime and indiscipline and speak out as one voice against the blatant and childish ‘bullying’ of the Jamaican prime minister, who, with his corrupt political system, has forced so many Jamaicans to come here seeking greener pastures and a less violent way of life.

We must accept that our habit of turning a blind eye to crime and the known criminals in our community is the reason why we bear a great deal of blame for what was happening here in the Cayman Islands, whether it is out of fear or just disregard for our neighbour. That is why we seem to have been singled out. We must take responsibility for our actions – or the lack thereof.

This is precisely why we must rally and join with the Caymanian people in their efforts to bring crime and indiscipline here under control. It is a just cause.

Under the Jamaican prime minister, Jamaica has descended into a level of social, economic and criminal poverty, which has forced so many Jamaicans to seek a better life in other countries.

And now, we cannot sit back as a people and let him ‘come mash-up Dolly-house’ for us.

Does he not realise the significant financial contribution that the Cayman Islands makes to Jamaica in terms of the remittances (Money-Gram) that are sent back every day? Last year, in excess of 20 per cent of the foreign exchange that flowed into Jamaica was from Jamaicans abroad sending money back home in this way.

I implore the Honorary Jamaican Consul here to urgently organise a petition among the Jamaican community in support of the actions of the Cayman Islands Government at this time for this is the only way that there will ever be the chance of the visa system working. It not only protects the Caymanian people, it protects Jamaicans living here as well.

Stand up to this ‘schoolyard bully’ Patterson and his incompetent government, for if they were doing their job in Jamaica, the crime there would not be spilling over into other neighbouring Caribbean islands like Grand Cayman.

Let it be known to the Leader of Government Business that the Jamaican expat community here supports them in this fight. Let us show solidarity by our actions, and not ‘bagga mouth’.

I am proud of my Jamaican heritage. The people of the Cayman Islands have been gracious to me by opening their arms and welcoming me here, allowing me and my family to make this our home and live with them in a God fearing country that, until now, has not known the murder and mayhem that I lived through in Jamaica.

This is now our home, and these are now our people, and we must join with them, and fight if we must, in whatever cause they have for the protection of their way of life, and that afforded to us, our family and friends here in these Cayman Islands.

Vaughan Crofts

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