Later hours for customers

Re: Editorial of 8 December, Catering to the times

Your position to support extended retail shopping hours as an extra measure of service to our valued customers is fully supported by us.

Since 1994 we extended our store hours at the Piccadilly Bookshop to 6pm Monday to Saturday. We did this as a service to those customers who just did not have time to shop for their needs during their working day.

We still have those customers and many people who now choose to relax by shopping for an hour, while others sit in rush hour traffic jams trying to get home.

Since 2001 at our Grand Harbour stores Books by the Bay and Discover Toys we are open until 8pm.

When I was growing up Saturday night in town was a big event, it was alive with shops open and many people out and about.

Somewhere along the way this tradition like so many others died, as you said in your editorial George Town for the most part now dies at 5pm.

Through the Chamber of Commerce, Merchants Association and the Grand Harbour Shops Association we have encouraged other retailers Island-wide to open later to increase their customer service and make shopping times more convenient to those who work the 8:30am to 5pm shifts.

We suggested later hours year round or just one night per week to introduce the idea.

It is interesting to note that when our customers go to Miami to shop, they find most retailers serving their needs remain open until 9pm or later Monday to Saturday.

As retailers we need to be open when the customer has the time to shop, our purpose is to serve the needs of the customer, a simple fundamental retailing fact – supply the goods they want when they want them.

We hope that the associations and retailers Island-wide will again review this proposal and have more consideration for customers, and be open when they want and have the time to shop.

One last thought on opening hours, we support retail stores continue to being closed on Sundays; let’s also keep this tradition alive.

William H. Adam,Hobbies and Books Ltd.

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