Make permit process easier

One would think that the purpose of the many statuary boards including the Planning Board, the Work Permit, the Port Authority Board and many others would be to have some measure of control over the people that enter our shores, the people that apply for various licenses, etc. and to offer guidance and assistance to the many businesses and individuals that make various applications.

To the contrary, it seems that many of these board members endeavor to offer stumbling blocks to our local people and also to overseas companies that make various applications to the government.

Some of these board members are wealthy enough and live a lavish lifestyle (and they could care less about an application) and then some of them are not as wealthy and portray jealousy and envy to various applicants – especially if the applicant is a Caymanian.

We seem to be plagued with large amounts of red tape as well as bureaucracy and to get an application granted is nearly like a gift from the One Above.

Some years ago, the Bahamas had the same problem and they lost a lot of their business to us.

But I understand they have changed their attitude dramatically and they are now attracting more business while we seem to be putting obstacles in the way which is driving potential businesses elsewhere.

Someone has mentioned to me that getting a Building Control Permit is nearly like going through an Act of Congress in the United States of America.

I am strongly suggesting to our government that they examine the existing state of affairs (that are deplorable) in certain areas and make it easier for businesses to operate.

Name withheld by request

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