Seeking Government’s help

This country prides it self on not having any poverty.

It also pumps in tons of money to support tourism.

What will happen when rental properties become too expensive to rent?

Those that are not from here will have to leave, or live in poorer, unsanitary conditions.

No one who works in tourism will be able to afford to live and work here, so there will be no one to take care of the tourists.

My rent is going up, yet again this January.

I love this country, and even though I am not from here, I consider it home.

I am not here to make a quick buck, not that I can with the cost of living rising each day.

I would like to purchase land or property, but why when immigration wants to kick me out of the country in seven years.

The government needs to do something quickly about the rental conditions here.

They hopefully will look at my situation in seven years and realize it’s a better idea to keep a hard working, law abiding citizen here rather than kick me off to make room for someone who might not be so law abiding.

That is, if I can afford to pay the rent.

Name withheld by request

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