Putting the record straight

I remember the folks of Cayman to be fair-minded, and therefore I’m compelled to write this to the Caymanian Compass.

As Miss Diana Cole, (speaking on behalf of Indies Suites), got a second chance to spin her ‘Corporate Line’ Dec. 7, in Cayman Net News and my answer to her first letter dated Dec. 29, was never printed by that paper…, some clarification seems necessary to appeal for and uphold fair play.

I quote Miss Cole’s last paragraph from her first letter Dec. 29, 2005 to CNN: ‘Not putting the company into receivership will allow us to disburse the money solely to them. It will put a stop to having the funds being bled out from the company by fees to liquidators and attorneys.’

Wow!!! So ends Ms. Cole’s letter! Now isn’t that interesting!

I would like her to answer these questions: Why did we not hear about those wonderful options in December of 2004 when Indies Suites was in the process of being sold?

Instead of no notice at all, my daughter who also was a member at I.S. as well as others, where told in April 2005 in Cayman, that the place was still being rebuilt!

The first official word from I.S. was the now famous letter to us members, by Mr. R. Foster in May 2005, (it is available for review), which also makes no mention about any such wonderful options of money or swapping for other Time share on the Island, as Ms. Cole states, etc..

Both her letters to CNN are simply: Damage control after the fact and do not constitute an honest attempt to settle.

I am confident, that the good people of Cayman can make up their own minds about who is speaking the truth.

Ivan did not lose the property, but the corporate leadership did by cutting the Insurance in half in 2002.

The subsequent misleading of I.S. members left no other recourse, and without the liquidation proceedings we would have never known these facts.

One more question to Ms Cole: Ivan damaged other time-share establishments on Cayman, which to my knowledge have, or are all rebuilding.

Peter H. Koppi,Sterling Heights

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