Judge police chief on performance

I find it hard to understand what all the fuss regarding the new commissioner of police is all about. Cayman needed a commissioner who could be tough on crime, not a namby-pamby character without much red blood in his veins.

There are very few red- blooded men who in their youth did not sew some wild oats; there are few of us who are in a position to throw stones at another.

I can understand such a fuss if we had appointed a priest or a bishop who had committed some indiscretion, but even such a man who had done so 12 years ago when a young man of 32 might be forgiven by any well-thinking person, provided that his subsequent record was untainted, and his performance at his job was of the desired standard.

This man may have had an affair with a pretty girl who was a witness some 12 years ago at the age of 32, an indiscretion of youth. I would hate to think that the man we appointed to head the constabulary of these Islands was a saint, one with an impeccable record as far as his youthful romantic life was concerned and not enough guts to carry out the required job.

I say judge the man on his performance in quashing crime in Cayman. It would be a shame if he had to go and he was replaced by a man of impeccable background who could not deal with the crime that is creeping across these lovely Islands.

Let us the people of Cayman not act in such a way that we appear to have become hateful and bigoted people who take umbrage at foreigners for every ill, real or perceived. Judge not so that you shall not be judged.

Kipling Douglas

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