Police turning up the heat over the holidays

Police will be ‘turning up the heat’ on criminals over the holiday period, Deputy Commissioner Rudi Dixon warned.

The crackdown on crime will be intensified during the festive season to make it safe and enjoyable for all, he told a press briefing on Thursday.

A number of operations will be launched with a focus on property crimes, alcohol and drug related offences, anti-social behaviour and traffic offences, said Mr. Dixon.

He encouraged the responsible selling and drinking of alcohol.

The liquor licensing industry has a big part to play in making sure people stayed safe and out of trouble and the police would be working with them in the matter, he said.

Strong action will be taken against licencees that break the licensing laws or promote irresponsible drinking.

Police will be stopping hundreds of drivers on the roads, Mr. Dixon warned.

‘So if you drink and drive, the chances are you will be caught,’ he said.

Those who did drink were urged to use the free transportation being offered at nightclubs or to have a designated driver, he added.

The sale of alcohol without a licence is illegal and police will be vigilant to detect any such offence, Mr. Dixon told the briefing.

Every effort will be made to keep the roads safe and he warned parents thinking about buying mini motorbikes for their children that they are not toys.

Police will be cracking down on the illegal use of those vehicles on the roads, he said.

Christmas is a time when stresses in some families can spill over and police will be keeping a close look at domestic violence, Mr. Dixon told the briefing.

‘We mean business in maintaining law and order during this time,’ he said.

With more goods around at this time of the year and opportunist thieves ready to take them, Mr. Dixon urged the public to take thorough precautions.

He even urged people to avoid leaving presents on view under the Christmas tree when there was no one at home.

Mr. Dixon said the year has been a taxing one for the police, who had gone on to have much success in tackling crime and addressing issues. But they would not be complacent.

‘The RCIPS is looking forward to the year ahead and we believe the best is yet to come in the service we deliver to the people of the Cayman Islands,’ he said.

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