Trailers aren’t being abused

Trailer homes brought in by the government to house the post Hurricane Ivan needy were being sublet by tenants, it is alleged.

‘They live elsewhere with family or friends while they pack four to five people in their small trailer, charging each one $200 per month and then they pocket the money,’ claims a letter to the Caymanian Compass from ‘a concerned Caymanian,’ referring to the site behind Bodden Town police station.

But temporary homes manager at the National Housing and Community Development Trust, Catherine Tyson responded to the allegations.

‘I too have received such allegations and have personally investigated them,’ she said.

‘I have spoken to several of the residents to discuss the issue and feel confident that this letter is not accurate and that people who are being housed are genuine Ivan-related cases or else cases that are in dire need of temporary housing,’ she said.

‘However, I invite anyone who has legitimate, specific information to contact me on an anonymous basis in order for us to substantiate any such claims and take care of the problem,’ she said.

‘We at temporary homes management feel it would be unfair if this was happening when there are genuine needs in the larger community,’ she said.

Ms Tyson also said that records on the trailer homes were accurate and up to date.

Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden said he had received complaints about some activities at the site.

‘I had complaints about one trailer in particular where there appeared to be a lot of drug related activity late at night,’ he said.

‘I brought this to the attention of the Royal Cayman Islands Police and the National Housing Trust.

‘The complaints have ceased so I assume that has been put right,’ he said.

‘I think in general people are happy with the homes and grateful too. But unfortunately some people, instead of using this time to get themselves sorted out, would just as easily like to remain there.

‘They are just a short term solution,’ said Mr. Bodden.

‘I think the fact that people know I am monitoring the situation and trying to liaise between people and the National Housing Trust will certainly ease some of the worries,’ he said

‘People can rest assured I will keep an eye on things,’ he added.

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