‘Baby Blues’ presented to Governor

Governor Stuart Jack was recently presented with a very unique toy on behalf of Walkers, the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands – a set of adorable twin baby Blue Iguanas complete with pink and blue scales.

They are the latest of an annual line of toy iguanas developed by Walkers for promotion of the firm at overseas conferences, said a press release from the company.

Just over three years ago, Walkers created a custom-designed stuffed toy in the likeness of one of Cayman’s most important residents, the Blue Iguana. The toys were originally commissioned as part of the Blue Dragon Project and with a view to promoting Walkers and the Cayman Islands at overseas conferences. The plush Blue Iguanas became an instant sensation.

Recognising their potential as a tool for educating and raising awareness amongst the local community about the plight of the Blue Iguana, Walkers has donated more than 1,000 of the cuddly toys to the National Gallery and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme to raise money for art education and conservation efforts.

The Blue Iguana toys have been so successful that Walkers produces different variations of the toy on an annual basis. There is now an entire family of Walkers Blue Iguanas to collect: the original male Blue Iguana, the 2005 female Blue Iguana and the latest variation, a set of twin baby Blue Iguanas for 2006.

Walkers partner, Mark Lewis, stated, ‘It has become tradition for Walkers to present the Governor with a new edition of the Blue Iguana toy each year. By presenting the first of these unique toys to Mr. Jack, we hope to continue the process of raising awareness about one of Cayman’s most celebrated endangered species and boost fundraising efforts to save the Blue Iguanas and their habitat at the same time.’

The toys will be available from the National Gallery and the Botanic Park gift shops in late December and will be sold as one-time, limited edition items.

Each Iguana toy comes with a tag containing a brief explanation about the Blue Iguanas and the Cayman Islands.

The toys will be sold for CI$12 and all profits will go towards funding the National Gallery art education programmes and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

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