Positive reinforcement

Lessons from the National Parenting Programme were put in action after a recent school Christmas concert.

Mrs. Joylyn King, principal of North Side Primary, directed choir members to form two lines and wait in the foyer after leaving the stage. Then she encouraged members of the audience to speak with the youngsters on their way out and let them know if they enjoyed the programme.

All the hugs and handshakes, smiles and congratulations may have slowed egress from the district civic centre. But the mood was such that no one was in a hurry.

The words of commendation sounded genuine, and for good reason.

The children had obviously paid attention during rehearsals. They had memorised their lines, followed directions and learned co-operation with others.

The success of their performance must have been some reward for all of their hard work. But praise from adults was a definite reinforcement for youngsters in the process of establishing personal values.

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