Seniors enjoy Christmas at Pedro

In the spirit of Christmas, Bodden Town seniors were recently treated with lots of good cheer at the Sav/New CODAC annual Seniors Citizens party.

Combining their efforts with the Bodden Town seniors Committee, the group was both pleased and delighted that so many could make it to the event.

Even the new Governor Mr. Stuart Jack and his wife Mariko, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts, Bodden Town MLAs Anthony Eden, Charles Clifford and Osbourne Bodden, George Town MLAs Lucille Seymour and Alfonso Wright showed up to thank the many seniors for their valuable contribution to the community and to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

‘You are the people who built this community and made it what it is today. If you did not do what you did many of us could not enjoy the benefits today,’ said Health Minister Anthony Eden.

‘Continue to support each other and find time to spend with friends and family.

‘Grandparents and great-grand parents, it is of great importance that you spend time with the young ones. Spend that time with them; know where they are and who they are keeping company with because one day they will become the leaders of this country.’

Santa also did his part giving the seniors a great big kiss and gifts from his big red sack.

Digging deep, he came up with teddies stuffed with candies which he handed over to the smiling seniors.

Senior Josie Solomon, who always seems to be the life of the party, could not resist a jig with Santa. Taking his hand she twirled him around the Pedro Castle courtyard oblivious of anything or anyone. She was just having a good time.

Seniors also received gift packages from various organisations.

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