Today’s Editorial December 23: Christmas spirit alive and well

It’s almost here.


Just take a look around and see all the colourful lights on our homes, shrubs, trees and lawns.

See the air-filled cloth Santas, Frostys and Christmas trees.

Many of us bought our Christmas trees in late November or early December, making Christmas more than just a one-day occurrence. The holiday has now become a month-long celebration.

The most cynical of us would say that the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten.

But we believe that if you just slow down and take a minute to reflect, you’ll see the true meaning of Christmas is still very much alive throughout the Cayman Islands.

It can be found in that unexpected present you receive from someone.

It can be found when people open their wallets and purses to donate to charities that make sure that no child goes without a toy; that no family goes without a hot Christmas meal.

It’s found when a stranger on the sidewalk greets you Merry Christmas.

It’s found when people open their homes and offer Christmas fare to those who would otherwise spend Christmas alone.

It’s found when families and friends take an hour or two out of the hectic Christmas mornings to join in fellowship and praise.

It’s found in the peace and quiet meditation of a walk along the beach.

It’s found in the Christmas cards we send and receive, especially those with a personal note.

It’s found in each other.

It’s in our hearts.

For Christians, Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Many will attend church this Sunday morning before going home to a spread of traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas fare.

Kitchens will have wonderful smells of Christmas beef, roasted turkey, baked hams, heavy cakes, pies and more.

There, too, we can find the true spirit of Christmas.

It is Christmas; a time for good cheer, peace and goodwill to all.

The Caymanian Compass and the entire Cayman Free Press family wish all our readers, advertisers and subscribers the very best in their endeavours and peace, plenty and prosperity during this season and in the coming New Year.

Above all, we wish for all to remain safe and in good health now and in the future.

Have a very, very Merry Christmas!

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