Air arrivals down

November 2005’s tourist air arrivals are down nearly 34 per cent on the equivalent month for 2003.

This November just gone there were 14,979 tourist air arrivals. In 2003 there had been 22,745 air arrival tourists for the same month. Last year in November there were only 4,215 air tourists recorded as the country was in recovery following Hurricane Ivan’s damage in September 2004.

November’s 2005 figure is well down on previous years such as 2002 (23,903), 2001 (23,070) and 2000 (29,214).

For this year to date there have been 146,210 tourist air arrivals, down 41.2 per cent on last year’s equivalent figure (248,728).

November’s cruise passenger figure of 176,587 is up 18.15 per cent on last year’s figure of 149,456 for the same month. In November cruise ships were welcomed back to Cayman following Ivan. This year’s November cruise figure has been the highest in the past six years.

The total cruise figure for the year to date (nearly 1.6 million) is up 6.43 per cent on 2004’s figure of 1.5 million.

Hotel occupancy rates for this November just gone (58.1 per cent) is the highest such percentage for the month since 2000 (when it was 61.7 per cent). This relates to available room stock at the time, which was well under 80 per cent of pre-Ivan stock.

The apartment occupancy rate for November 2005 (at 46.7 per cent) is the highest since 2000 (47.9 per cent). This also pertains to available room stock.

In November 2005 guests in hotels stayed an average of five days. This is the longest average stay in the past eight years.

November 2005 saw guests stay an average of 7.1 days in apartments. There were longer average stays in 2003 and 2001 of 7.4 days and 7.5 days respectively.

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