Special police coming

A team of handpicked specialist police officers from the UK is set to join the fight against crime in Cayman.

Six members of the Matrix Team from the Merseyside Police will be arriving next week, RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said..

A group of nine officers originally came over from Liverpool in October to assist in the development of the Royal Cayman Islands Police in criminal investigation and firearms operations.

They left just before Christmas but had helped the force to make significant progress in building up its capability to target armed criminals in terms of training and tactics, said Mr. Kernohan.

And on the investigation side of things, intelligence gathering and major crime investigation had made a lot of progress thanks to them, he said.

Their work had been so valuable that he had renegotiated to bring back six of the Matrix Team – an inspector, two sergeants and three constables – for several more weeks, Mr. Kernohan said.

‘They were handpicked because of their specialist background,’ he said.

Mr. Kernohan said having the Matrix Team officers here was a training and development initiative, which had proved invaluable and would have a long-term benefit for Cayman.

The cost of having the six officers – five men and one woman – here would be met through local funding but Mr. Kernohan stressed it was good value for money because they were experienced personnel.

And, with the RCIP still slightly under staffed, they would also be assisting with operational duties, he said.

‘It has been a unique experiment for us that will have long term benefits for the service,’ Mr. Kernohan said.