Lawyers asked to assist

The president of the Caymanian Bar Association, Mr. Wayne Panton, has urged fellow attorneys to increase their assistance to the less fortunate in Cayman.

Mr. Panton made his suggestion last Wednesday when he was seconding the motion for the formal opening of the Grand Court for 2006.

He reminded his audience that, at the court opening for 2005, it was noted that the country had a process of rebuilding to undergo after Hurricane Ivan. He then referred to the situation in Cayman now.

‘While to a large extent the physical scars are gone, there is clearly still much to be done on a personal level. There are still people in need of improvement of the basic essentials of life,’ Mr. Panton said.

He spoke of the uneven distribution of wealth and resources in this country, which he said is clearly evident in many areas. ‘We all share a responsibility to do our part to provide opportunities and to assist our fellow man as much as possible,’ he said.

‘Many in the financial industry and the legal profession in particular have obtained a way of life and resources far beyond their expectations. I suggest that a modest improvement in the sharing of these resources may make a tremendous difference in the lives of those less fortunate who continue to be in need.

‘Whatever level of success we have achieved, we all share to some degree a common social fabric and we should do our part to assist as much to help others as to help ourselves. If the fabric is sheared or torn we will all ultimately suffer the cost in the decline of our peaceful and safe way of life,’ Mr. Panton said.

‘For many there also remains psychological scars as well which will take time to heal. Those of us more resilient should appreciate that we are lucky and at least offer a considerate hand to those who may still be showing signs of stress.

‘So let us show kindness in our dealings with one another and let us create opportunities to assist those less fortunate and those deserving of such opportunities. We all benefit from such an approach,’ Mr. Panton urged.