Businesses put trust in display

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has introduced its new mobile display thanks to the financial support of Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.

The display is now in use at Cayman Water Company’s Customer Service office on West Bay Road.

The mobile display incorporates photos of colourful Cayman wildlife on one side and a variety of Trust activities on the other, states a press release.

The Trust hopes to rotate the display around to other local businesses including the Sister Islands. Photos can also be interchanged to keep the display interesting throughout the year.

In its first round, the display has a colourful theme of plants and animals including those above and below the water. Photos in the display are by local photographers including Darvin Ebanks and Patricia Bradley. The opposite side features Trust activities including cooking classes, coral reef exploration, Logwood dye and thatching. There is also a holder for Trust membership forms. ‘We want the public to know that there are benefits to being a member of the Trust including some fun and educational activities’ said Frank Roulstone, General Manager.

‘The display helps us to reach people in the community that might be missed by our other forms of communication. Hopefully they will want to get involved,’ he said.

Vice President of Cayman Water Company Gregory McTaggart says his company was pleased to sponsor the display.

‘Our company of course takes an interest in our community and supports efforts to make the Cayman Islands a better place to live. We believe the Trust’s mission helps achieve this,’ he said.

The display will be moving around to businesses in all districts.