Ogier’s keeps centre out of crisis

The Ogier Friday Dress Down Programme collected CI$2,369.20 in benefit of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

In order to dress casually on Fridays, the staff contributes a voluntary amount and the total is matched monthly by the firm to assist local charities and not-for-profit organisations in need, states a press release.

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre is a safe-house for battered women and their children. Established in 2003, the shelter has assisted many women and children since it opened.

The shelter is staffed by a team of five who provide essential services to the women and their children as well as a number rehabilitative services, including individual/group counselling, a wellness programme, career planning skills and networking with other community/government agencies – all activities that focus on successful transitions for the women to a healthier and safer lifestyle.

The Centre also provides Domestic Abuse Awareness Education to schools including information on dating violence and date rape to high school students.

Charities that support people in need are well-supported by the Ogier staff and partners. This particular organisation is a particularly popular one as Ogier is a sponsor of Hedge Funds Care (Cayman), which is a charity designed to raise funds for abused children, a programme that has parallels to the Crisis Centre.

Peter Cockhill, a partner of Ogier, commented: ‘It is pleasing to see strong support for such a worthy cause amongst the Ogier staff’.

Estella Scott, the Director of the Crisis Centre was torn on how best to spend the funds.

‘Because we are always running at capacity, fulfilling the basic needs poses many challenges for us. Because of this, the funds would be best allocated to our account with Cayman Imports so that basic necessities could be purchased. We would also like to thank Cayman Imports for their generous discount on our purchases, which goes a long way to contribute further to the Centre’.

The Crisis Centre operates from a Government grant and contributions from the private sector and is always in need of additional funds or gifts in kind and can be contacted at 949-0366. The 24-hour crisis line is 943-CICC (2422).