Moaning about moaners amusing

I am writing in response to the letter entitled ‘Please Stop Moaning Canucks’, in the 25 November edition of the Caymanian Compass.

After reading this article, I had to go back and read the original letter that Mr. Hoponwood had commented on. I thought Lynn Leger’s letter was rather misguided and built primarily on frustration.

Of course, we would all love to have recognition for the work we did to help restore Grand Cayman to its original beauty. She should feel proud to have three such wonderful children who decided to stay and help with the rebuilding process.

I even found myself picking up a hammer and, armed with nothing but a wealth of inexperience in construction, dove into rebuilding the island. I didn’t do it because I thought I was going to receive a medal or a reward!

I could have left the island at any time. In fact, it was enthralling to me to finally unlock some of the mysteries of building a home. It made me feel good about myself that I was actually rebuilding someone else’s life. And I believe that if you are pure of heart, you will do something out of the ordinary just for the sake of doing it when it’s needed.

Maybe that’s what Lynn Leger’s children were thinking when they lent their hands and poured their sweat into a place they call their home! Maybe she thinks that they deserve more than a proud mother’s love.

It seems to me that her comments were built on frustration. Frustration that her children were not getting the recognition that she thought they deserved. Maybe she’s right, and maybe she isn’t. But right or not, her thoughts are that of an individual. One person out of millions!

So Mr. Hoponwood: what gives you the right to stereotype the entire Canadian population on the thoughts of one individual? And how do you know they all moan in unison about French Canadians? Have you asked every single Canadian citizen about their thoughts? Is that a ridiculous question? Not as ridiculous as your generalization!

I could draw the same parallel for you and say that in the years I’ve lived here, I have met many people from the UK. Maybe a small sample of people I’ve met from England have moaned about the Irish or the Scottish in the same way. Does that automatically mean they all moan (in unison of course) without provocation?

I wouldn’t even think about cementing your whole nation of people with the label that they are moaners, just because you, as a representative of your country, appear to be one!

I also see it as hypocritical that you would expect to ask about improvement in how we treat people after berating a whole nation in the same way.

The only sense of ‘bemused irony’ I saw in your letter was a moaner who’s moaning about moaners! Please think about what you say before you say it!

Jaden Knight