School bus rear-ended

Perhaps one of the worst things for a parent to hear is that the school bus their child was travelling on was involved in an accident.

No students were injured in a Friday school bus accident according to police and school officials, but it must have alarmed some parents.

The bus was taking 10 children to East End Primary School around 7.10am along the Bodden Town Road in the vicinity of Midland Acres when it was rear-ended by a vehicle travelling in the same direction.

The bus was not extensively damaged but the front of the Honda civic car that rammed its rear end received some damage.

‘The children were a bit baffled and shook up but otherwise OK,’ said East End School Principal Vickie Best.

‘The children were removed from the bus and finished the journey with teachers from the school.’

Neither the driver nor the passengers in the Honda received injuries.

‘Friday the 13th; not a very good day for me, but thankfully no one was injured.’ said the driver of the car.

It was unclear at press time if charges had been filed.

Police Commission Stuart Kernohan has vowed that his department will crack down on illegal driving, including speeding.

To that end, the department has been armed with new radar units, which have been installed in patrol cars.

‘I intend to provide my officers with the tools they need in order for them to do their job effectively,’ he said. ‘The new radars are necessary for us to monitor speed control and in turn, prevent unnecessary accidents and deaths on our roads,’ he said recently.

The RCIP has bought and paid for 16 new police cars, which are scheduled to arrive on Grand Cayman in April, Sergeant Barnett said, adding that four of those vehicles have been specifically earmarked to supplement the three cars already designated to the Traffic Department.

The year 2005 saw a marked increase in speeding and wrecks on Cayman roadways.

The RCIP has been actively pursuing and prosecuting bad drivers through traffic operations and road blocks, which the commissioner promises will continue.