Workshops promote well-being

Two health professionals in Cayman are teaming up to present a series of workshops aimed at helping people take charge of their well-being.

A New You Blossoms is a coordinated effort of lifestyles consultant Donna Mitchell and physiotherapist Susan Watling. Both believe that, ultimately, health and wellness finds its blossoming when individuals take responsibility for their own health.

‘The wonders of medicine have brought us to new frontiers where there is greater understanding of the total body involvement in health/wellness and disease,’ Ms Mitchell said in a press release. ‘Total body involvement includes the understanding of how our minds work and how our thinking affects health.’

The program offers inspirational/motivational workshops and lectures providing tools for change and seven integrated therapies for rejuvenation and restoration.

It is being presented over a four-week period, beginning on Hero’s Day, 23 January.

Through the program, participants can design a personalized wellness program for their individual life.

For more information on upcoming ‘A New You Blossoms’, call Susan Watling: 926-2428 or Donna Mitchell: 929-7512, or email: [email protected] or [email protected].