Drug conference opens next week

More than 40 delegates from all over the Caribbean are set to take part in a Cayman-hosted drug enforcement conference on Wednesday.

The two-day International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) Caribbean group at the Mariott Hotel, will be opened by the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack

There will also be words of welcome from RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Special Agent in charge of the Caribbean division, SAC Jerome Harris.

The Caribbean working group, according to an RCIP press release, meets annually to discuss progress in the region and to prepare for the full IDEC conference, which this year is due to be held in Montreal, Canada.

There are now 21 countries in the Caribbean, and more than 60 worldwide who are members of the IDEC.

And, says the release, those due to attend the Cayman conference include senior agents in charge of the DEA Miami and Caribbean field divisions and DEA country attaches from the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobag and the Netherlands Antilles.

IDEC, the release adds, provides a forum for a frank exchange of ideas and information.

And it is said to provide an opportunity for delegates to work together to develop a regional approach to drug law enforcement.

Included in the conference will be presentations from regional intelligence analysts, Cayman forensic scientists and the US military.

‘There has been tremendous progress in the past 10 years in the areas of operations, intelligence sharing and training for officers who work directly with drug enforcement,’ said RCIP Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Haines, the current chairman of the IDEC Caribbean and secretary of the organisation for 11 years before that.

‘IDEC has been a driving force in developing these strategies and I am proud that the Cayman Islands has been chosen to host this important regional conference,’ he said.