North Side library open

All the public libraries with the exception of the Bodden Town Library, hardest hit by hurricane Ivan, will re-open in March.

North Side Library

The North Side Library

There are also plans to convert the West Bay Town Hall into a public library for residents in that district.

This news came in a statement issued by Education Minister Alden McLaughlin at the official re-opening of the North Side Library, on Wednesday.

He added that the East End and George Town libraries are closed for repairs but would be re-open in March. He said the Bodden Town Library will take a bit longer as they were looking to save the historic aspect of that building, which had major roof damage.

Libraries are important to the community,’ said Mr. McLaughlin. ‘When you develop a love for reading, you will never be lonely. If you have a book you have a best friend. It opens up your mind and gives lots of knowledge. I urge you to read at every possible opportunity.’

The North Side Library, like all the others, was forced to discontinue service after damage from Hurricane Ivan.

The first of four libraries to officially open, Director of public libraries Benedicta Conolly said the North Side Library has 23 active members, most of whom are students; with the library containing some 5,600 items.

To those gathered, North Side MLA Edna Moyle said, ‘Make good use of the library and facilities. It is one of the best pastimes you can spend. Call on the government if there are more supplies needed.’ She also said a new name will be chosen for the library.

The Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, accompanied by wife Mariko, said he was pleased to have had the opportunity to meet some of the North Side residents and encouraged them to make good use of the library.

North Side Primary School students, major users of the public library, were also on hand to add their appreciation at having the library re-opened.

After the official ceremony, attendees in the company of Mr. McLaughlin, Mrs. Moyle and Mrs Conolly toured the facilities and heard from North Side librarian Blonice Whittaker, how the library was operating on a daily basis.