Conference goers tackle drugs

Drug busters from enforcement agencies across the region came together in Cayman Wednesday to share ideas on how to fight the scourge of drugs.

The two-day International Drug Enforcement Conference Caribbean working group at the Marriott Hotel was opened by the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack.

Tackling drugs is a high priority, said Mr. Jack, who told the delegates Cayman is blessed with a low crime rate by the standards elsewhere and the country is determined to keep it that way.

The criminals, the situation around the country’s shores and the features of society that provide a breeding ground for drug use and criminality all must be addressed, he said.

But Cayman is also conscious of drugs coming from overseas.

Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said the RCIP is looking forward to working with all the agencies represented at the get together.

He also thanked and congratulated Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Haines for his work in organising the conference.

Special Agent in charge of the Caribbean Division, Jerome Harris said his agency is working in preparation for the forthcoming conference of IDEC, an organisation that has grown to global proportions over the years.

Resources have been impacted by several factors, one of which is the explosion of methamphetamine labs and the use of the substance in the United States.

The impact of the Internet also has to be understood with millions of dollars moving around the world without cash dollars actually changing hands, he said.