Doing what is right

“We will appoint the best person for the post regardless if they’re Caymanian or non-Caymanian,’

Those are the reported words of the Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin in regards to finding a replacement for the post of president of the University College of the Cayman Islands.

I know those words will upset some people in the community and I as much as the next person would love to see a Caymanian in the post.

Being in the real world we all have to be real and the Minister is being real, is being honest and has the right attitude for the people of the Cayman Islands.

The best person for the post has got to be the way forward in any enterprise, business or government department otherwise they will be less efficient and less effective and may do more harm than good especially if the wrong person fails to meet the expected standards required for the post.

No one can blame any business for wanting the best person for the job.

Companies that come over here and pay a high price to set up should be allowed to want an efficient and effective business. After all they are providing jobs in the community and whether the employees are Caymanian or expats the salaries are being put back into the community by simply living here.

The incentive is for Caymanians to reach for the top the right way and they can do it. Well done Mr. McLaughlin for being honest and continuing to have the strength to say what is right for the Cayman Islands.

Dale Fogis

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