More locals applying to RCIP

Job opportunities with the RCIP seem to be attracting more local applications than before, said Commissioner Stuart Kernohan.

In the last two months the police had received a lot more local applications than they normally had, ‘which has been great news,’ he told a press briefing last week.

Mr. Kernohan said the number of police did ebb and flow.

He thought they were about 12 short of the establishment figure at present but they had recently interviewed a number of people, including about 30 people locally in the last two weeks.

They now had people in the pipeline but they had to make sure they had a recruitment pool so people could be brought in quickly, he said.

In response to a question about people leaving the RCIP, Mr. Kernohan said officers were blessed with being able to retire after 21 years here as compared to 30 years in the UK.

The Cayman economy and jobs market was vibrant and some people left the police for other jobs or for other reasons, he said.

He was trying everything he could to keep good officers, he said.

Mr. Kernohan also said he would try to promote from within the force where possible.

There were some specialist positions where people might have to be brought in from the outside but he would always look internally first, he told the briefing.

Mr. Kernohan said the officers from the UK’s Merseyside force who had been assisting here, were about to leave.

They had left the RCIP in a healthy position in terms of skills, he said, and he wanted to thank them and their Chief Constable.

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