Cayman welcomes 20 new fire officers

Twenty men and women were officially welcomed as Cayman Islands fire officers during the passing-out ceremony for the classes of 2005 and 2006.

The new fire officers received their certificates during the 20 February ceremony at the Central Fire Station, said a GIS press release.

New fire officers

Graduates await the start of the ceremony. Photo: Submitted

Attending the milestone were Acting Chief Secretary Colin Ross, Acting Deputy Chief Secretary McCleary Fredrick, Fire Services officials, distinguished guests along with a host of supportive family and friends.

The passing-out ceremony was held jointly for the 2005 and 2006 classes due to Hurricane Ivan. Mr. Ross, who delivered the address to graduates, reminded them that the importance of their job was not to be underestimated.

‘We can all remember those dreaded days during September of 2004. We can also remember that the men and women of fire services were the first out in the community pulling individuals down from rafters,’ he said. ‘Saving lives and protecting property is a very daunting job, one which is crucial to the sustainability of these islands.’

Opening remarks were given by Acting Chief Fire Officer Roy Grant, followed by a prayer and event dedication by Divisional Officer Rosworth McLaughlin. Mr. Frederick presented the graduation certificates, and awards were bestowed by Senior Division Officers Carney Robinson and Steve Webster.

The ceremony concluded with graduate Erdmon McCoy addressing his colleagues, emphasising the unity they needed to demonstrate.

‘When we made the decision to become firefighters, we made the decision to be a part of a team,’ he said. ‘We made the decision to become protectors of our country, and I am sure that we will make our country proud.’

New Fire Officers

Class of 2005: Tiffany McLaughlin, Shakira Troope, Martino Watson; Bryce Webb and Bradley Welds.

Class of 2006: Dagan Dacres, Anwar Edwards, Scott Hydes, Ian Jervis, Pablito Jocson, Erdmon McCoy; Jude McCoy, Vincent McElroy, Marleni Rivers, Jensen Tatum, Fabian Thompson, Saskia Walton, Jordan Watler, Nicholas Watson and Tyrone Whittaker.

Award Winners

The Domestic Award for best academic performance went to: Martino Watson, Class of 2005; and Vincent McElroy, Class of 2006.

The Aerodrome Academic Award for outstanding academic performance went to: Tiffany McLaughlin, Class of 2005; and Vincent McElroy, Class of 2006

The Outstanding Performance Award for overall performance went to: Tiffany McLaughlin, Class of 2005 and Vincent McElroy, Class of 2006.

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