Don’t lose Caymanian identity

The time will come in the Cayman Islands when schools will have to stop teaching children the words of the national song and the history of the Cayman Islands flag. Stories of national heroes will become a no no.

Even Cayman Islands songs and traditional crafts will cease. The National museum will have a yard sale to get rid of all its past history and take on board a more multicultural and diverse look.

Pedro Castle will become just that, a castle by the sea as cultural diversity and the enrichment that it brings to the Cayman Islands takes over.

The diverse national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the Cayman Islands will be the most important part of citizenship curriculum in schools.

Expats will not have to speak English as they arrive at the airport, Immigration officers will be expected to be able to speak at lest three languages.

Driving around with the national flag will be much an offence as speeding……then I wake up from my nightmare, look outside my bedroom window and yes both my national flags are still flying proudly on my truck.

Where on earth did I get a nightmare like that from, was it the beers the previous night or was it talking to some expat friends from Britain where the nightmare is becoming a reality?

Appeasement to the many ethnic groups in Britain is killing the country’s culture where its own citizens cannot fly their country flag or sing the National Anthem in public places.

The stories of St. Andrew, St. David, St. Patrick and St. George have also been slain like the dragon in another example of British Government political correctness.

If it’s happening in Britain, what about the Cayman Islands, Will the nightmare become a reality?

Dale Fogis

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