Workload rises at OCC

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner says it needs more resources for the coming budget year.

It has asked the chairman of the Legislative Committee to support its funding request of $876,000, which would allow for the addition of a financial officer.

In its most recent report on work done, the OCC says there continues to be an increase in the volume of work handled. In the second quarter of 2005-06, the OCC answered 114 enquiries and completed investigations of written complaints in 39 cases.

Two reports were tabled and monitoring of cases increased to 38 from 15, says the OCC report.

The report also points to the work done on two of the OCC’s public interest investigations.

The final report on an investigation into the language proficiency test conducted by the Immigration Department at the airport is to be tabled in the near future, says the OCC.

And a report on an investigation into the safety and regulation of small water-borne vessels would also soon be tabled, the OCC adds.

‘The office continues to prepare for additional duties in the event that it is asked to serve as the independent arbiter of disputes under the Freedom of Information Law,’ the report says.

The report also noted that the OCC was in need of a receptionist and that from the 66 applicants for the job, six Caymanians were short-listed for interviews.

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