Drag strip opening Easter Monday

Cayman’s long awaited motor sports park is right on track to open its gates to the public at Easter.

With the completion of phase one of the Breakers track, the drag strip is set to be open on Easter Monday, said the man behind the scheme, Robert Campbell.

And Mr. Campbell revealed to the Caymanian Compass on Monday that talks were ongoing with some big names in the world of US motor sports about their possible involvement in the development of the rest of the park, with its 1.2 mile course on a 65-acre site.

Mr. Campbell said serious discussions were currently ongoing which, if successful, could lead to an announcement shortly.

He said the one eighth of a mile drag strip was now ready for the first public event at the park, the land for which was acquired in 1997 and on which work had been ongoing since 1998.

It was hoped to have the drag strip extended to a length of one quarter of a mile by August, he said.

Mr. Campbell said that with the first section now prepared, he wanted to introduce youngsters with pocket bikes and go carts, as well as those wanting to ‘burn their tyres’ on the drag strip.

People using the strip would be given training and be able to take part in competitions.

The emphasis would be on safety, with the use of proper safety gear and training to the fore.

‘Safety, education and fun, that’s how we see the park,’ Mr. Campbell told the Caymanian Compass.

And, after Easter Monday’s event, it is expected the track will be open for daily use, said Mr. Campbell.

He said it would be supervised at all times and there would be a small admission fee.

Cars will be technically inspected and drivers tested both physically and in respect of their ability to handle their cars.

The track was built to high safety standards and drivers would be required to wear proper safety equipment, he said.

Mr. Campbell said it was expected that anyone with a speeding conviction in Cayman would not be allowed to use the facility.

Businessman Mr. Campbell’s desire to see Cayman’s first motor sports park open is matched by his desire to see young people get the training they need to drive safely.

He wants to see people learning good discipline and how to handle their vehicles safely every day.

‘It is basically training we need. We have not had a proper motor sports training ground yet in Cayman,’ he said.

‘And we are looking at training our youngsters to be able one day to represent the Cayman Islands in international driving events,’ he added.

Mr. Campbell said he was looking for anyone interested in purchasing display advertising space at the track to contact him on 916-2222 or through e-mail at [email protected]

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