Brasserie conference facility launched

The Brasserie Conference Facility in Century Yard at Cricket Square celebrated its official grand opening recently.

Orchid Development Group

The Orchid Development Group that manage the Brasserie Conference Facility are, from left, Lisa Flowers, Clarence King Flowers, Catherine MacKay, Michael Moriarity and Meghan Michael

The conference facility unites the fine-dining restaurant Brasserie with a state-of-the-art professional meeting venue.

‘This truly is a perfect match,’ said facility manager Michael Moriarity of Orchid Development.

‘Not only is the conference facility well suited for numerous types of business gatherings, but it’s complemented by the style and atmosphere of the Brasserie restaurant as well as their exceptional menu.’

Mr. Moriarity said the conference facilities were in keeping with the vision for Cricket Square of developing a first-class professional business park.

‘It just seemed a natural progression to incorporate an intimate business conference facility with a warm and inviting atmosphere and exceptional service,’ he said.

The conference room can be configured to suit a variety of business events, Mr. Moriarity said. Configurations could be made for boardroom, U-shaped, classroom, theatre or group events.

Capacity for the events ranges between 100 and 120 people, depending on the configuration chosen and the type of event.

A variety of audiovisual equipment and other office machines are available to rent when using the conference facility.

Food packages are available for breakfast, lunch, teas, snacks or cocktail parties. Alcoholic beverages including wine, beer, mixed drinks and specialty cocktails are also available.

The facility has actually been operational for quite some time, but the official launch was delayed after Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

‘But it’s never too late to celebrate,’ said Mr. Moriarity.

‘We take great pride in the services and facilities that we offer here at Cricket Square and the Brasserie Conference Facility,’ he said. ‘We want you and your guest to leave here feeling the same pride in having selected the Brasserie Conference Facility.’

For more information, telephone 949-8832.

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