Youth tackle issues in the House

Teenagers and work around the house don’t always seem to go together, but when it comes to work in the House, that’s a different matter.

Caymans second Youth Parliament

Students take their seats in the House. Photo: Jewel Levy

Cayman’s second Youth Parliament got under way in the Legislative Assembly on Monday with its participants readily setting out to tackle a two-day workload.

Under consideration were motions on HIV/AIDS, freedom of information, gangs, education, road safety and Sunday trading.

Proceedings of the Youth Parliament – which was marking Commonwealth Day – were being aired live on radio and television.

In his opening remarks, MLA Alfonso Wright, chairman of the Youth Parliament sub committee said 25 young people between the ages of 13 and 22 were representing the youth of Cayman and speaking on what were important topics.

It was the beginning of a new era, he said, and he urged Cayman to recommit to making its young people a number one priority.

Speaker of the House Edna Moyle read the Queen’s message to the Commonwealth and said this year’s theme was health and vitality.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said it was an historic event and that it gladdened the heart to see young people taking such an interest.

He said the Youth Parliament was more than just play acting and role playing.

It was a real opportunity for young people to give their opinions and to learn the benefits of operating in a democratic framework, he said.

Mr. Tibbetts said he had no doubt that a number of the young people would return to the House as future leaders.

He also hoped it would foster debating societies in every high school, he told the House.

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