Mr. Watler polished performer

When it comes to restoring furniture, woodworker Pedro Emilio Watler is a polished performer.

But putting the life and shine back into things like chairs and tables is by no means the only thing that Mr. Watler can turn his hand to.

He is one of the skilled craftsmen helping to replace the all too familiar sight of wood just being used to board and patch up with that of wood being used to rebuild and restore.

Based at his Gun Square workshop and studio, the Bodden Town craftsman is ready to take on just about any job.

With 25 years experience under his belt, Mr. Watler is always in demand for his cabinet making.

But it is not just the things that go inside the house that he is ready to make.

Wooden decks are also a speciality and Mr. Watler says that his company can even build an entire wooden house from scratch.

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