Injured turtle now back in wild

The Cayman Turtle Farm at Boatswain’s Beach played an integral role in the recovery of a turtle accidentally caught in the wild.

The turtle was brought to the Turtle Farm with the hopes that the hook caught in its mouth could be removed without severe injury to the animal, said a press release.

Recovered turtle

This turtle is attached to a ventilator to administer the anesthetic before successful removal of a hook from its mouth. Photo: Submitted

Curator of Marine and Research, Catherine Bell, worked on the turtle and eventually sought the assistance of veterinarian Brenda Bush at Island Veterinary Services. She X-rayed the turtle and spent two and half hours to successfully remove the hook from its mouth.

Cayman Turtle Farm Animals Programme staff administered anibiotics to the animal over the next two days and kept it for observation. Once it was evident the turtle had recovered it was returned to the wild in the same area in which it had been retrieved.

Ms Bush commented: ‘I find working with wildlife very challenging as well as rewarding. Procedures such as anaesthesia and surgery on species such as turtles may take a specialised approach and extra research but are well worth it when the animal can be released back into the wild.’

Ms. Bell said: ‘We at the Cayman Turtle Farm were happy to help and express our gratitude to Ms Brenda Bush for her hours of tireless work. Her donation of time to the recovery of this turtle is invaluable.’

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