Cayman’s farm diversity showcased

Local and overseas agriculture officials recently toured a sampling of Grand Cayman’s tourism sites and farms, discovering the diverse products that the island offers.

Tour stops included Boatswain’s Beach in West Bay, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in East End, Harvey Stephenson’s farm in Bodden Town, and Willie Ebanks’ farm in East End.

The tour was the last item on the agenda for visiting officials from Bermuda and Florida, who also attended the Cayman Islands Agricultural Show on 1 March, said a GIS press release.

All in the group were impressed by the facilities at Boatswain’s Beach and the Botanic Park for the way they incorporate education and preservation themes with family entertainment, the release said.

At Mr. Stephenson’s farm the group saw products including goats, plants, produce and pet rabbits. ‘In Cayman, with the size of land we have, you need to diversify and be prepared to come to market each week with something to sell,’ said Mr. Stephenson.

In North Side the group toured ‘Mr. Willie’ Ebanks’ farm, which also produces a variety of products including pork, as well as produce such as fruit and root vegetables. Mr. Willie explained his pork-production operation is successful because of the meat’s quality and flavour. It also does well because of the difficulty in importing whole suckling pigs, which he said are popular for parties and outdoor roasting.

Mr. Willie also operates a popular natural juice, fruit and produce stand near Hurley’s Marketplace in Red Bay.

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