More Cubans rescued at sea

Another small group of Cubans was rescued out at sea, this time in rough waters between Mexico and Cuba.

Merchant vessel Bustein, on its way to Grand Cayman with a load of aggregate, rescued the six Cuban male seafarers Saturday, said a GIS press release.

With a crew of six already taking up the limited accommodations on the shipping vessel designed to carry aggregate, Bustein’s captain requested that immigration officers allow the Cubans to remain in Grand Cayman as he was unable to secure the group on his vessel. He also explained that the Cubans were ‘wet, hungry and tired,’ complicating the ship’s capacity to stretch resources.

‘As we are unable to vouch for the character of any illegal migrants picked up on the high seas, we felt compelled to assist the captain,’ said Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson.

Local officials allowed them to disembark on humanitarian grounds, though not allowing them any form of landed immigrant status.

Escorted off the Bustein, the group was transported to the immigration reception centre at Fairbanks, where the six were given dry clothes and food.

The Cubans, who will be processed in accordance with local and international law, will remain at the immigration reception centre until their status is resolved, the release said.

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