Poll: Speeding scares public the most

The results of the latest caycompass.com online poll show that speeding is the aspect of driving in Cayman that scares people the most.

However, significant portions of the population find drunk driving or overtaking the scariest aspect of Cayman driving.

The poll was run just after a fatal road accident killed two and injured one person critically. The number of road fatalities in the first three months of this year has already surpassed those in all of 2005.

Of the 455 people that cast votes in the two-week poll, 187 (41.1 per cent) said it was the speeding here that scared them the most.

‘All of those things are scary, but the speeding that takes place here is insane. Why doesn’t the RCIP crack down on that instead of faulty lights and bald tyres?’ commented one person.

Other comments included:

‘Every day I see cars driving 50 to 100 per cent over the posted speed limit’;

‘Excessive speeding! Speeding and overtaking normally occur at the same time. Throw in some stupidity and you have a recipe for a fatal disaster. Police should install cameras on Shamrock Road where the road becomes two-laned and they would make a fortune in fines.’

A finger was pointed at Cayman’s youth for contributing to the speeding problem.

‘The young men speed all the time,’ said one respondent.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that we as a society have permitted our youth to develop a culture which delights in speed,’ said another respondent. ‘We celebrate the power and appearance of our vehicles at least as much as academic achievement and hard work. We act surprised and shocked when one of our young people dies in an accident.’

Yet another respondent said: ‘Young drivers scare me the most.’

Illegal overtaking received 98 (21.5 per cent) of the votes as the scariest aspect of driving in Cayman. Drunk driving received the exact same number of votes.

‘The solid white line is there for a valid reason, but drivers here continually ignore it and put other motorists in danger,’ said one person.

‘Overtaking on turning lanes,’ said another respondent.

Roundabouts also create some concern, with 29 people (6.4 per cent) saying they were the scariest aspects of Cayman driving.

‘Not indicating at roundabouts is very frustrating,’ said one person. ‘It’s so unnecessary and affects the traffic flow.’

The dangerous driving problem isn’t confined to Grand Cayman.

‘I live on the Brac,’ said one person. ‘Where do I start? Speeding, speeding, non-complete stops at traffic signs. Overtaking in non-passing areas. Following way too close. Stopping and parking on roadways.’

In addition to the listed perils, 43 people (9.5 per cent) of respondents to the poll listed other elements of Cayman driving as the scariest.

‘Driving while on cell phones,’ said one person.

‘People who are inexperienced drivers that come to Cayman with another driver’s licence and then get it transferred to a CI driver’s licence,’ said another person.

‘The poor driving of police officers,’ said another person. ‘You see them tailgating and turning without signalling. Many of them couldn’t drive a nail, never mind a police car.’

Another respondent said: ‘Heavy trucks such dump trucks and cement trucks that speed.’

‘All of the above is scary, but the unrestrained children is the worst,’ said another person. ‘How can parents be so careless with the dangers Cayman’s road have.’

Other dangers receiving votes included aggressive drivers, pedestrians, pedestrian tourists, tourists driving on the wrong side of the road, pot holes, chickens, people stopping to give way, not signalling before turning, taxi drivers, bus drivers, tailgating and drivers that force their way into the traffic flow.

Another person said getting stuck behind the Trolley Roger was the scariest aspect of driving on Cayman’s roads.


‘Speeding and overtaking normally occur at the same time. Throw in some stupidity and you have a recipe for a fatal disaster.’

– Poll respondent

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