NRA leaflet targets roundabout doubts

Cayman’s traffic roundabouts seem to have some drivers going round in circles, wondering exactly what to do.

‘There is a great deal of uncertainty when driving around Cayman’s roundabouts,’ said the National Road Authority.

‘Drivers are unsure of what they are meant to do and what other drivers are intending to do,’ they said.

Road experts insist that roundabouts are a straightforward answer to keeping things moving.

But to help some of Cayman’s slightly baffled drivers they have issued a free, ‘know your way around roundabouts’ leaflet, with valuable tips for motorists.

If you are going straight ahead at the roundabout (half way round), you must signal a left turn as you pass the exit before the one you intend to take, says the leaflet.

If you are going left at the first exit, get in lane and signal a left turn before entering the roundabout, it says.

If you are going to go more than half way around, signal a right turn when entering the roundabout, then a left turn as you pass the exit before the one you intend to take, it adds.

Motorists are reminded that traffic circulates in a clockwise direction at all roundabouts.

Motorists entering a roundabout must give way to traffic already on the roundabout, the leaflet advises.

Make sure you are in the correct lane before entering the roundabout, it says.

Always use your signal light and check your mirrors and do not switch lanes on dual lane roundabouts, says the leaflet.

‘People have to become more courteous and patient, courteous on the approach and within the roundabout,’ said NRA transportation planner Marion Pandohie.

‘If people follow the rules of the road and the rules of how to use the roundabouts they will work efficiently,’ she said.

Roundabouts keep the traffic moving and their use would continue, said Mrs. Pandohie.

They had also proved their worth in keeping traffic flowing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, whilst traffic light junctions had lost their lights, she said.


For further information contact the National Roads Authority on 946-7780.

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