Snorkel boat capsizes

A snorkel boat capsized in the sandbar area of the North Sound Friday afternoon. It had been carrying 54 cruise tourists, a cruise ship escort and three crew members.

It is not believed anyone was seriously hurt.

A couple of tourists, including a pregnant lady, were given medical treatment by ambulance at Safehaven, where the majority of passengers were taken following the incident, which happened some time between mid-day and 1pm. Other watersports operators that had been in the North Sound brought the passengers back to Safehaven and a handful of passengers were taken to the Yacht Club.

According to reports from cruise guests who had been on board, Kirk Sea Tours’ Sun Catcher had capsized near a reef in the Sandbar area of the ocean while the passengers were on board. Guests said that the boat had taken in some water on one side, and when everyone moved to the other side of the boat it fell on its side, plunging passengers into the water.

Most had been wearing life vests, they said.

Kirk Sea Tours representatives at Safehaven were unable to comment Friday afternoon as they were awaiting the crew members’ account of the accident.

The tourists had been here for a day on board the Costa Mediterranea ship.

Police are investigating the incident.

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