Contractors praise Planning review

The Cayman Contractors Association praises Government for its recent announcement of a review of the workings of the Planning Department.

The CCA sees this review as a very positive step.

The recent announcement by Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts is just one more indicator that Government intends to follow through on its promises of open government and the correction of any problems that may exist within Civil Service.

It is frustrating for any government to be open with the public, as it invariably means receiving a certain level of criticism, yet Mr. Tibbetts has consistently stuck to his promise to operate in the open, to determine the problems and to get them fixed.

It is encouraging that Mr. Tibbetts has promised ‘an all-encompassing audit… to deal with problems that have weakened the Department’s image and output.’ It is additionally encouraging that Government will be actively seeking input from the public.

Mr. Tibbetts has indicated that a balanced approach will be taken by the inspectors, giving praise where praise is due, recommending training where applicable and, in some cases, replacement of staff, if necessary.

The commitment to give praise to the Department where it is due is particularly encouraging. Planning officers have to regularly contend with plans that have been submitted for approval that are incomplete upon first submission.

The CCA believes that the Planning Department is made up primarily of very capable, dedicated individuals that have served Cayman extremely well over the years. The individuals who have not done so are few in number. The CCA looks forward to providing input to the inspectors, particularly to offer support for those who have unfailingly served construction and development in Cayman.

The CCA wholeheartedly offers its service to Government in this effort.

Cayman Contractors Association

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