Today’s Editorial April 13: Have a safe, happy Easter

It’s Thursday and we in the Cayman Islands are staring down the barrel of an extra-long holiday weekend.

It holds the promise of four days filled with friends, family and tradition.

Our sanctuaries will be filled as Easter is one of the biggest draws for Christians worldwide to gather in fellowship.

This time of year we see our beaches overflowing with locals instead of tourists as Caymanians return to their roots.

Campsites will be bustling with men and women cooking up favourites like turtle, rabbit and fish on modern-day grills or old-time cabooses.

The sea will be teeming with jet skiers and boaters jockeying for position as sea bathers enjoy the refreshing water.

And our roadways, while not resembling rush-hour mornings and evenings, will be packed with cars and drivers as people travel to visit family and friends.

This coming weekend certainly offers a perfect opportunity all to have a joyful, restful and reflective time away from the rigours of daily chores and jobs.

This coming weekend also offers the perfect opportunity for tragedy.

Unfortunately long holiday weekends in the Cayman Islands give some an even greater opportunity to drink and drive or forget their manners while on the water.

We implore everyone who will be on the roads to not drink and drive and to not speed.

A safe bet can be made that Royal Cayman Islands Police officers will be manning the streets and keeping an eye out for dangerous driving.

Boaters and jet skiers have been put on notice that police and members of the Drugs Task Force and Department of Environment will be out at sea and on shore to keep jet skiers from running too close to boats and swimmers and from speeding through Environmental Zones.

They’ll be keeping an eye out for bad driving behaviour of boat captains and crews as well as ensuring that all boaters have on life vests.

While many of us are looking forward to the long weekend ahead of us, it’s a pretty safe bet that the enforcers of our law could be dreading it and hoping that it comes to a safe end Monday night.

Our Easter traditions stress and reaffirm our connections to the sea, nature, fellow man, family, friends, neighbours and Christ.

It is a celebration of life.

We should all do all we can to make sure this Easter holiday doesn’t turn into a deadly one either on our roads or in our waters.

If you’re going to drink, don’t drive.

If you plan to speed, stay out of the vehicle.

If your on the water, obey the rules.

Together we can all make this a happy Easter.

No matter how you celebrate this Easter weekend, the management and staff of Cayman Free Press wish you a safe and wonderful Easter weekend.

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