Deloitte again wins coveted Optimas

Deloitte has been recognised by Workforce Management magazine, a leading US human resources publication, with the prestigious 2006 Workforce Optimas Award for the Global Outlook category.

The Global Outlook award recognises human resources programmes and strategies that help organisations succeed in the global marketplace, states a press release.

Deloitte won the award for its worldwide member firm careers website. This is the third time Deloitte has received an Optimas Award. Past winners of the award in this category include Colgate-Palmolive Corporation, Royal Dutch/Shell, and the United Nations, states a press release.

This year’s award distinguishes Deloitte as the most highly recognised organisation in the history of the Optimas awards. Deloitte and its member firms received previous acknowledgements for the Global Development Programme in the 2002 Global Outlook category and for firm’s women’s initiatives in the Competitive Advantage category in 1996.

“It is an honour that Workforce Management magazine has again recognized Deloitte with this esteemed award,” said William G. Parrett, CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

“In our businesses, it really is the people that make the difference. Deloitte member firms take great pride in creating world-class processes and tools that set them apart, and it is great to be recognized for these efforts,” he said.

Mr. Parrett added, “Our new vision is to be the standard of excellence, and this award is a testament to the fact that Deloitte member firms are truly living up to this standard.”

The recently announced new vision and strategy for Deloitte member firms includes a renewed focus on attracting, developing, and retaining the best people.

Mr. Parrett added, “One way we will know that Deloitte member firms have achieved their vision is when the best people flock to them and stay with them. Deloitte firms recognise that talented people have many choices, and under the new strategy, member firms will do more to set the standard in attracting and retaining the best people.”

The strategy proposes several new initiatives that will focus on providing additional development opportunities through learning and international assignments, as well as programmes targeted specifically for women.

The Deloitte careers website is just one component of a comprehensive global member firm e-Recruitment strategy used to attract and hire top talent. The e-Recruitment strategy leverages the Internet, the worldwide careers website, and a recruitment management system to drive and manage recruitment activity.

The site is designed to provide every Deloitte member firm with a state-of-the-art careers website and reduce overall costs. It replaces more than 30 redundant country websites with a single, innovative worldwide website that is now shared by more than 80 countries. In addition, the site promotes consistent branding by providing a core set of best practice, usability driven-and tested-tools and functionality. The website can also be customised to support local talent acquisition processes and content. It is built on an architecturally flexible and dynamic platform providing site visitors with advanced localization and customization capabilities to meet their distinct needs.

“One of the key challenges facing global organizations like Deloitte is determining how to implement globally consistent business processes and tools to achieve efficiencies and enhance quality,” said Jim Wall, Global Managing Director, Human Resources. “The innovative approach to the Deloitte careers website provides a best practice business case for how this can be accomplished.”

The Deloitte worldwide member firm careers website is available to all Deloitte member firms regardless of their size and resources. It is one of the most visited careers websites in the world (more than 4 million visitors per year) and has a high number of jobs posted-more than 6,000 globally. More importantly, the Deloitte website is a valuable talent acquisition tool that is enhancing the ability of its member firms to attract and hire over 20,000 professionals annually.

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