Red Bay Primary inspected

Red Bay Primary School is one of the largest primary schools on the island with 475 students on roll, from Year 1 to 6.

It was first inspected in 1998 with a follow-up visit in 2001. This inspection took place in November 2005 and involved a team of six inspectors, plus a trainee local occasional inspector. The inspection team looked at most aspects of the school’s work, with a focus on how the provision was impacting on students’ learning and achievements.

The inspection team concluded that the school has several strengths, but also some significant weaknesses that need to be overcome in order to improve the quality of education provided and raise standards achieved by students.

The school had not made enough progress since the previous inspections, although some work had begun on a school improvement plan.

The inspectors concluded that, with external support, the school’s senior management team, together with their committed and hard working staff, should be able to bring about the needed improvements.

The inspection identified the following areas as strengths of the school:

Staff are committed to the school. They work hard and care deeply about the children in their classes.

Discipline is good and students behave well in class and around the school.

Some of the teaching of reading for children with special needs is outstanding.

Parents are kept well informed about the work of the school and their children’s progress.

Parents make a valuable contribution to the life and work of the school through the Parent-teacher Association.

These are the areas identified as needing to improve:

The direction and vision provided by the school’s leaders.

The way that senior managers check how well the school is doing and take effective action to bring about improvement.

How the curriculum is organized and monitored to ensure that students receive a good balance of knowledge, skills and understanding in every subject.

The way that lessons are planned and organized to help all students learn successfully.

Arrangements for tracking and assessing students’ progress and how this information is used to plan the next steps in their learning

The support and guidance given to staff to help them fulfil their roles effectively.

The school is expected to address the areas for improvement identified above, prioritize them and add them to the work that has been started on an improvement plan.

The school is required to provide parents with an annual update on progress that is being made in addressing the areas identified as needing to improve.

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