Humane Society seeks foster care for kittens

Animal loving members of the public are being urgently sought to help the Humane Society take care of some very young kittens.

A press release from the organisation notes that the beautiful two to three-week-old tabby kittens tragically lost their mother when she was attacked by a dog, and arrived at the Animal Shelter on North Sound Road for some much needed tender loving care.

Orphaned kittens

Tashi Wallis feeds one of the orphaned kittens.
Photo: Submitted

‘Kittens of this age would still be nursing from their mother, but as they have no mother it is down to us to bottle feed them and make sure they get the correct amount of feed at regular intervals,’ explained staff member Tashi Wallis. ‘Foster parents not only provide the nutrients they need but also help to socialize the kittens, which in turn makes them more adoptable.’

The kittens, much like any baby, are fed a special formula every three hours and foster care-givers must be able to keep to this schedule both day and night, the press release said. ‘The Humane Society would urge anyone interested to consider the time and patience rearing such youngsters take.’

All equipment and supplies are provided by the Humane Society, and no experience is necessary as staff will give full instructions on kitten care to those interested.

The kittens will be in their temporary homes for several weeks after which time the Humane Society will then make them available for adoption.

‘Becoming a foster parent is a wonderful way of helping those who cannot help themselves. And it’s not just kittens that need fostering. We have puppies, cats and dogs – some recovering from surgery or illness and needing the care that a foster home can provide,’ added Tashi.


Call the Humane Society for further information on 949-1461, or drop by the animal shelter on North Sound Road.

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