Poll: Most people drive to work alone

More than two-thirds of the respondents of the most recent caycompass.com online poll said they drive to work alone.

Of the 262 votes received in the two-week poll, 179 (68.3 per cent) said they get to work alone in a car or truck.

Only 53 people (20.2 per cent) said they get to work with someone else in a car or truck.

Another 17 people (6.5 per cent) said they get to work by bicycle, motorcycle or scooter.

Five people said they take a taxi or bus to work, while three people said they walk to work. Five other people said the get to work in some other way, including one person who said he or she got to work in a canoe.

Several people who drive to work alone indicated they would take public transportation if it were reliable.

‘I would use a decent bus service guaranteed to run until 7pm on weekdays,’ commented one person.

‘I would come to work on public transport if there was a bus route/stop by the office at the top of Shedden Road,’ said another respondent.

‘I go to work at 6am Buses don’t go to Cayman Kai,’ said yet another person.

There were problems cited with other alternative forms of transportation as well.

‘I would consider a bicycle if there were proper paths for them, and I’d consider public transportation if it weren’t so unreliable and undisciplined.’

One respondent who went to work with someone else gave some of the reasons they only use one car.

‘Most of the time, my husband and I carpool. Parking is a huge problem and gas prices are second.’

‘Share a ride is my motto,’ said one respondent.

Another person said it did not make sense that the government was building new roads but not a tramway.

One person who got to work by taxi said he or she was a taxi driver. ‘I have never owned a private car and don’t want any. I have always had a bus since I got my licence because I want to help, not add to the traffic mess.’

Another person who got to work in another way, worked at home.

‘Home office,’ the respondent said. ‘No traffic, no shirt, no problem.’

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