Post Office to survey customers

The Cayman Islands Post Office is launching a week-long customer survey this Friday.

The survey has three main objectives: to see whether customers need extended hours or if they can complete their postal business during regular business hours; to establish whether Cayman Islands residents want home delivery of mail and parcels and whether they would be willing to pay for such a service; and to see whether postal clients are satisfied, and if not, what is required to meet this objective.

Cards with 12 questions will be placed in all post office boxes on Friday in all three islands, stated a press release.

Starting Monday, customers in Grand Cayman will be able to get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a newspaper from Seven Mile Beach Post Office, Airport Post Office and General Post Office in George Town if they hand in their completed surveys between 9am and 11am.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman customers will receive fruit punch or juice and a newspaper.

Surveys can be handed in at any Post Office or mail drop at any time.

The survey ends on 5 May.

In late 2002 the Post Offices were closed on Saturday after an internal survey revealed it was not cost effective.

However, in recent years there has been some evidence that some customers would prefer extended hours to conduct their postal business, the release said.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said this survey is a significant step in acquiring empirical data – as opposed to anecdotal reports – to chart the way forward.

A key issue is whether customers would be willing to pay for home delivery, she said.

‘Countries that offer home delivery cover the cost through the fees charged by the Post Office. The Cayman Islands Government already heavily subsidises the Postal Service, so we would need to pass the cost onto our customers. Home delivery of mail would have to be all or nothing – it would be cost prohibitive to offer this service only in selected areas,’ she said.

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