Pool Patrol focused on safety

Pools and Spas can be dangerous.

Every year you hear about toddlers drowning, children stuck to the main drains, diving accidents and outbreaks of ecoli, giardia or pseudomonas from poorly sanitized water.

Pool Patrol, in its ongoing desire to make pools and spas safer, recently held a seminar designed to educate resort pool personnel and make them more aware of all safety aspects, chemical usage, filtration, circulation and waterborne diseases.

The course was followed up by a Certified Pool Operators Course taught by an instructor from the National Swimming Pool Foundation, which took the attendees learning to a higher level.

All students sat the C.P.O. Examination, with 14 being successful.

Mr. Shield, owner of Pool Patrol stated that he was delighted with the results and the very positive comments from the attendees.

More courses will be offered as all resorts and condos must have competent, trained and certified persons looking after their pool and spas in order to make their facilities safe and litigation free.

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