Stop bad driving behaviour

I think that something has to be done in regards to the number of fatalities on the roads in the Cayman Islands.

When are people going to learn that the island is only 84 square miles and that there is no need to speed?

If you drive the designated speed limit it would take 15-20 minutes to get from Bodden Town to George Town barring traffic.

I am not saying I was a saint on the road when I first got my license, but after getting a few speeding tickets I realized it was a costly venture when I sped.

I think that anybody under the age of 21 should not be allowed to drive a car that is over a specific horse power. The reason is that a lot of these younger people are buying these very fast Japanese cars similar to the ones in the movie the Fast and the Furious and no pun intended, but they want to drive the car fast and furious. I think the parents have to take some responsibility as some of them help their kids with the financing to purchase these cars.

What the government could do is purchase card board replicas of police cars and place them strategically around the island.

A lot of cities in the US are doing this with dramatic effect.

As for the drunk driving situations, I think that taxis could really do a lot to helping prevent people from driving drunk by offering a discount rate for anybody who wishes to use their service.

There were several times I called a taxi in the early morning after a night of drinking only to realise that after a specific time their rates almost double to a point where I said I’m not going to pay that amount of money for a taxi. I also think hotels could help by offering discount rates to people who are too drunk to drive.

Think about it; mostly all adult entertainment is on Seven Mile Beach where there are a lot of available hotel rooms.

Offer a one night discount rate and everybody wins. They fill a room that was empty and not making any money at all and the person has a night to get some sleep and sober up. In closing I would like for people to take some responsibilities in their actions and just drive safe, life is already short, why shorten it even more?

Jeffrey Rankine

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