Cadet Corps games

The Cayman Islands Cadet Corps was in full glory Saturday, showing off the best of Caymanian youth. Competing in their Sports Day, cadets went at it with passion and power. Events at the John Gray sports field included tennis, dominoes, tug of war, and foot races.


Cadets work together in the tug of war competition.
Photo: Guy P. Harrison

‘Yeah, we like it,’ said Jordan Thompson, 15, of the Cadet Corps Sports Day.

Volunteer supervisors Derick Johnson and Michael Reid, both sergeants in the Royal Cayman Islands Police, led the day’s activities. The men are not paid for their time.

‘We do this for the love of it,’ explained Reid. ‘We hope that this [Cadet Corps volunteer work] helps Cayman’s future.’

Johnson is optimistic about his contributions paying off for the country as well.

‘We hope our efforts here help with the development of the youth in the Cayman Islands. We don’t do it for rewards. We just give our time because it is the right thing to do.’

Johnson said he likes the cadets he works with but admits they can be a handful sometimes.

‘They are a good bunch,’ he said. ‘Like all kids, they can be a challenge at times. They can give me a hard time but they have really come a long way. They are good kids.’

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